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Frequently Asked Questions

1Why does A.C.T. seem so different from other types of fitness organizations?

ACT is different, yet similar in some regards, compared to other fitness businesses. Let’s compare ACT to a typical boot camp program. There are lots of people that get in shape with boot camp due to the challenging nature of the workouts. The same is true of ACT. The training is boot camp style and challenging but different in that we emphasize more functional based training (we ditch the dumbbells and barbells wherever possible) and we do drills. Lots of drills!

Many people also like boot camp training because of the sense of community. The same is true of ACT. We work together as a team and that’s what makes it fun.

Should you think of this as an odd way to train, remember that this is the kind of training people have undergone for thousands of years, long before the arrival of the fitness industry. You may also think this way with good reason because ACT puts a unique and realistic spin to our training and therefore is not intended to attract all sorts of people. Our goal is to reach out to those individuals who seek that army-like training experience.

2Do you train in bad weather?

Occasionally, we may find ourselves in a less than pleasant training situation. Cold, humidity and rain are all possibilities and fair game. Think of soccer players who likewise train in rain at times. If it’s really bad (ie. unsafe, like thunderstorms, downpours, blizzard, etc.), then we look to indoor options.

3Why do you train in pants?

There are a few reasons for wearing pants and leggings instead of shorts. Wearing pants wards off all bugs and insects if training around tall grasses and shrubs. Our hiking trips will occasionally take us through forests and dense vegetation where pants protect us from chance cuts and bruises. Pants limit the possibility of bruising during exercises like the army crawl or similar. And finally, since training is done outdoors, pants keep us warm when the weather is not so favorable.

4Why should I train outdoors?

Training outdoors will expose you to different elements you do not encounter inside a gym. The gym is essentially a place where you practice specific movement patterns within a controlled environment that ensures safe and balanced progression, assuming you know what you’re doing. Training out in the field will expose you to the elements, uneven terrain, and offer a greater blend of challenges not typically available within a restricted indoor space.

5Can you guarantee results with this kind of training?

Nobody can guarantee anything, but ACT offers you an opportunity to do something you normally never would short of joining the army. What IS guaranteed is that you will train hard and have fun while at it.

6What kind of results can I expect from this kind of training?

Expect to feel lighter and swifter on your feet. Expect to be more aware and in greater control of how you move. Expect to feel rejuvenated by the fact that you now spend so much more time outside.

There is no magic bullet formula in any training program, but this of course depends entirely on your goals. Since we are not aspiring bodybuilders, we do not strive for single digit body fat percentage levels or Schwarzenegger sized muscles. Our training is meant to scale your fitness and performance in the areas of bodyweight strength, endurance and conditioning. In other words, you can expect to look the healthiest version of YOU.