Hey my name is Gladis. I have been with Alpha Company Training for almost one year and it has been a blast! I initially joined as I wanted to get in shape for my first Spartan race that I had signed up for this summer (it was one of my bucket list items!). It had been a while since I regularly exercised and I knew that in order for me to succeed in this race, it would require new training methods and total commitment on my part. My goal was to increase upper body strength, grip strength, as well as improve my overall endurance. Damir incorporated different fitness aspects to meet these goals. He not only focuses on weight training but also includes body weight exercises, running, group training, someparkour and, yes, tactical training (super fun!). I find that Alpha Company Training’s out-of-the-box sessions kept up my interest and motivated me as they were super fun to do outdoors.

I’m looking forward to continue training with the team as I want to run the Spartan Super in 2019 and ultimately strive for the Spartan Trifecta in the near future. There is a world of possibilities out there!

One of my favourite quotes: “Don’t live up to your age, live up to your potential.”